What Digital Marketers Should Consider and Act Upon During Covid-19
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What Digital Marketers Should Consider and Act Upon During Covid-19

The global pandemic covid-19 is spreading at a fast pace and nobody can predict when it is going to an end. Every day the number of corona virus-positive cases is rising while there has been no vaccination invented to date for the same. This has caused the global stock markets to crash which further affects businesses and marketers to a greater extent. So what the entire pandemic coronavirus mean for you. What you need to consider as a marketer during this period:

Don’t Make the Situation Worse

People are taking benefits and exploiting fear. As the supplies are running low around the world, marketers are buying hand sanitizers, masks, and other basic necessities in bulk and then reselling them for double and triple prices. This is not the right marketing or entrepreneurship. Hence it should be avoided.

Businesses are going to struggle for a while

Even if the virus slows down or the number of cases drops, businesses are going to struggle for over a year to make up for the losses. Many companies have no funding to pay their employees and have asked them for unpaid leaves while others have shut down their stores meaning less income and less profit.

A great downfall in Organic Traffic

For the last few weeks, there has been noticed a great downfall in organic traffic for most industries. Businesses don’t have the biggest marketing budgets resulting in traffic decline.

Hopefully, coronavirus will end soon and has minimal impact on the lives of people and the overall economy. Marketers must understand the situation and work accordingly to make profits while simultaneously handling the situation.

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