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+91 958-819-2262

Yamunanagar, Haryana, India


Brand Growth Manager

With over 20 years of experience building businesses and teams, I excelled in many fields and built brands dedicated to networking, connecting, and understanding a person’s individual needs. Through this, I strive to motivate and inspire success in everyone I meet, regardless of their goals.

I have also found success in multiple niches, including nursing, entrepreneurship, business and basketball coaching, and executive leadership. It’s your turn.


Duties Include

We are looking for an efficient and dependable team for the consistent job and Brand Growth Services. It is attractive for first-time Upwork freelancers and experienced.

        • Producing the content so knowing the brand is important. You must know the major social media platforms (extra consideration if you are an expert in the non-major) Pinterest and LinkedIn experience (preferred but not required)and Brand Growth Services
        • Marketing on selected Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Many more
        • Engagement and growth of your brand
        • Commenting Sharing, Liking, etc.
        • Experience with Canva Designs (preferred) Lists or also additional experience you have, including running campaigns, funnels, and PLR.


Social MediaSolutions

  • We have provided attractive content for the website blogs and social media posts
  • Created the social media creative and post on the social media channels
  • Build Facebook Campaigns with relevant creatives
  • Upload the videos on YouTube and do the YouTube SEO
  • Created attractive images and creatives with the help of Canva and Corel Draw
  • Also Created the Meta tags for the website and post in the blogs
  • Created attractive images and creatives with the help of Canva and Corel Draw




Review and Results - TB

Results and Review

  • We have provided the content according to the requirement 
  • Created blogs and added relevant keywords to the internal blogs
  • Unique Meta titles and descriptions for landing pages, internal blogs, and other useful pages. 
  • We have provided the content for the Social Media Channels
  • Build the content for YouTube Videos and added on the Channel
  • Also, provided the content for Social Media Post Content for Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn